This is an institute that came into existence as the result of business school and a collection of organisations banding together to form the New Zealand Leadership Institute. This took place in 2003 and is going strong even today. The mandate of this organisation is supporting the research and development of leadership. Not only does this take place within New Zealand, but on an international level.

The Institute is well recognised for their contribution to many different types of publications and a deep involvement in research. One of the main goals that they have been able to fulfill is creating a connection between theory and practice and this has been achieved by the development and offering of programs in this area.

There are many excellent programs that are offered through this institution such as:

  • The Executive Leadership Mindset Programme
  • Leadership Mindset Programme
  • Emerging Leaders Development

Their education department focuses on postgraduate student work. This encompasses working with their students to entice them to research the scope of leadership and to become involved in its progression.

The NZLI is very keen on research activities but are broad minded about it and are not fixated on any specific agenda. Part of the research is being conducted within the contexts of it and its development.

What makes this organisation so effective is the commitment of those who are involved in it as well as the network they have efficiently formed which is comprised of many different partners, students, and professionals. Each of these provides valuable input and insight into the institution and collectively, they make a powerful impact on the community they serve. While they all have their own areas of expertise, they all have the common goal of instilling the values of leadership and keeping its importance alive.

There are many industries that have only reached their level of success because of the leadership it is comprised of.