Students who are thinking of continuing their education like to do comparisons of the systems before making their final decision. Many students often narrow down their choices to either New Zealand or the United States. They both have an excellent school system and this makes it even more of a challenge when trying to make a decision.

One of the resources that can be used to help with a comparison is to look at the statistics as the data are clear indicators of how good the school system is.

One of the biggest contributors as to how good the educational system is contingent on the amount of money that the country invests in it. The US stats show 5.62% which puts them in the 39th position while NZ is at 7.26% which equates to 29% more than the US, and puts them in the 5th position. Staying with the financial sector spending per student for NZ is 29.24 putting them in 24th position while the US is at 22.04 setting them at the 37th position.

For students studying abroad, these are important stats because it shows how many students are opting for education outside of their respective countries. NZ is at the 107th position and the USA comes in at 11 times higher at 6th position. The bottom line is that more international students come to New Zealand to further their studies compared to those who leave the country for the same purpose.

For those who are looking to move to NZ and have young children about to start schooling, they will notice that there is no set date for starting school except what the regulations state; children must attend school between the ages of six and sixteen, however, they can enter the school system as of their fifth birthday. This means they have the option of starting school throughout the school year instead of at the beginning of a school year which is different to the US.