New Zealand has an excellent school system. It is spearheaded by professionals who have participated extensively in leadership training, and the curriculum is so well designed that it brings great success to graduating students.

There are rules and regulations that are set for the school system. Children living in New Zealand must attend the appropriate educational institution between the ages of six and sixteen, but many of them start their education at the age of five. What makes the educational program a little different here compared to other countries is that there is no set date that the child will start their education in.

They are eligible to begin their first year as of their fifth birthday. This means if the young one is starting in the first half of the school year then this is year zero, but if they start in the latter part of the year then this is year one. This may differ for each educational outlet as each one has its own policy.

The year levels follow throughout the system up until the child completes grade thirteen. The particular system that is adhered to will depend on which type of school the child is enrolled in. There are state, state integrated, and private schools. While they must all adhere to New Zealand’s regulations, they can vary in their policies. It is important for parents to be in touch with the specific location they will be sending their children to in order to understand the system.

The children will be going through primary, intermediate, and secondary schools. In some locations, there may not be any intermediate facilities so after leaving the primary setting, they will move onto the secondary level where they will complete their education.

The school system in New Zealand is highly recognised for being one of the best.