There are many different countries that students can choose to further their education. Those who are interested in doing this will often seek out those countries that are well recognised for their international education. New Zealand stands out immediately because of what they have to offer.

At the university level, there are eight institutes to be found here and all are of them have very high calibre that comes under the framework of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This was designed in 2010 to make sure that all of the tertiary institutions are on the same page. All of these learning institutions have set standards as outlined in the framework that must be adhered to. International students can have confidence in knowing that no matter which institution they are choosing to attend as a foreign student, they are all equal in their standards of excellence. What differentiates them is the courses and programs they offer.

Students from other countries that want to advance their education in NZ will need to be aware of the Regulations that are in place for international students. This is the Pastoral Care of International Students and is the Code of Practice.

These International educational programs can be divided into categories such as exchange programs for secondary schooling and tertiary exchange programs. To fully understand what opportunities are available to the international students, it is important to understand what this country’s definition of a domestic student is.

Once you have decided that this is where you want to study, you need to carefully study the available programs to ensure that the program chosen falls within the New Zealand Qualification Network. This pertains to certificates, diplomas and degrees for example. It defines the level of knowledge that is achieved by the various programs and offers some insight as to what additional education may be needed or is offered leading to different careers.