There are many good things that can be said about New Zealand and one of it is their educational system. The school system is highly successful and part of this is due to the leadership training that is given to those who have the responsibility of seeing to it that the children are educated according to the criteria that have been put in place for them.

Children from the ages of six to sixteen are required to attend school in NZ, however, there are provisions for children to start at the age of five also.

Education in New Zealand begins at the primary level. Once they have completed this level, they have been educationally prepared to move onto the school level. The final phase of the school system is the secondary level. This may be high school, college or for some grammar school.

One aspect that really contributes to the education setting here along with the high calibre of teachers and those in the leadership roles like principals are that they are well equipped with computers allowing access to the internet and various other forms of technology.

Parents have a choice to enroll their children in three different types of schools. There are the state schools which provide education free of charge. Then there are state integrated schools which are schools that possess something unique such as being based on a particular religion or are a setting for special education. These schools are partially supported by the State but these institutions can charge additional fees from the parents.

Then there are private schools which are totally independent financially and parents are required to pay for the complete education being offered according to what the school sets for their tuition.

Parents need to know the state rules for registering their children into any school program as this is their responsibility.