For those who are looking to study in New Zealand and haven’t made up their mind as to what career they want to focus on, looking at some of the popular degrees may help with the decision making process.

MBA Degrees

Students from around the world choose MBA programs that are found in the higher education offerings of New Zealand. There are four programs that are popular which are offered at the following Institutions:

  • Victoria Business School
  • Aut Business School
  • Kilroy Norway
  • University of Otago

For those who are interested in obtaining a masters degree, there are many programs available in NZ to help you with this. Popularity is based on what career you wish to follow in the future. In general, what seems to be the most popular are:

  • Tourism – This will give you opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries
  • Engineering – Engineering studies will open up doors for careers on international levels
  • Finance – Your masters in this subject will set you for senior financial positions
  • Education – If entering the educational industry is of interest to you, you will find that the master programs for Education in NZ are some of the best in the world

Then added to the list of favourite studies are:

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Law
  • Life Sciences

There are many reasons why some degrees are more popular than others. It is partly based on what the job market trends are at the time. Then there are those that are career oriented and have made their choices based on personal preferences.

One of the many benefits of studying in New Zealand is that the courses and the degrees are recognised on international levels. This is another factor that plays into the popularity of a degree. No matter which program is chosen regardless of its popularity, the results will be what the students and graduates are expecting.