It can be difficult to choose a career that is going to provide the level of security that one expects for their future. Most people know that anything to do with technology is the way to go ahead in today’s world. Within this category, there are many opportunities but one that is most interesting and potentially very lucrative is game design and development.

Once decided that this is of interest to you, the next decision you need to make is where to study it. While there are many choices for this, there are few better than the design courses that can be found in New Zealand.

Among the institutions that are found here in NZ that teaches game designing, most of them are considered as world class institutions. Before making your choice, you need to decide which category within the games sector appeals to you the most as these includes:

  • Programming – You will need to build your skills in math, physics, and computing
  • Gaming Art – You should have a background in art and design which may have come from your high school activities
  • Game Design – Having a natural flair for designing will help but the skills needed for this can be obtained through the right choice of courses
  • Game Management
  • Game Marketing

You will need to look carefully at the many different programs that are being offered not only for game design, but other categories also to determine if they offer everything you need to qualify you to enter the industry at the ground level, and prepare you for moving up the ladder in this industry.

You may decide that you want to specialise in a few different fields and this will mean making the right decision as to where you want to study based on the programs that are being offered. You may want to begin by researching about what the various NZ universities have to offer in this field of study.