Most countries take great pride in their educational systems and take great pleasure in ranking high on the world map. There are many different components that make up the NZ educational system and many of them are ranked accordingly.


PISA stands for Programme for International Study Assessment. Looking back at the stats for 2012, they reveal that New Zealand’s fifteen-year-olds in the school system have ranked impressively in the OECD being above average in subjects such as math, reading, and scientific literacy. At that time, there were only four other countries that had top performers higher than those here.


For many, the end goal for their education is to complete school often at the University level which opens the doors for many wonderful career options. Being able to participate in this type of school setting that ranks well in the world is extremely important. There are thousands of Universities in totality throughout the world and New Zealand has eight. All of them have ranked in the top 500 worldwide.

Overall, the New Zealand educational system has been ranked as seventh worldwide. The school system in this country is made up of primary, middle, and secondary educational system. It also includes vocational and tertiary. The 2013 Better Life index ranked the educational system of New Zealand as a top performer. The Legatum Institute has ranked the educational system for this country as being first in the world.

For those that currently live in New Zealand or are thinking of moving there with school age children, they can be confident in the system that is in place here. When comparing it to the rest of the world, there is no doubt that it ranks highly and is well recognised for its achievements by all those who are interested in the systems.